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Child Custody

Do's and Don'ts for Enforcing Custody Agreements

If you do not agree with your custody arrangement you may be tempted to make changes without consent from the courts. This is never a good idea. ...(more)

What to do When your Child Doesn't Want to Visit your Home

There are many reasons why children struggle with visitation. If your child is experiencing anxiety about being with you, there may be easy remedies to ease their stress. ...(more)

Four Tips For Attending Children's Special Events With Your Ex

Your marriage may be over, but your children have a lifetime of activities for you to share with your ex present. You can fortify yourself to be in proximity with your ex, even when you two can't get along. ...(more)

6 Tips to Transition Before and After Child Visitation

Visitation time can be stressful on parents and children. There are things parents can do to make coming and going between Mom and Dad's house more bearable for everyone. ...(more)


Getting Help with College Tuition

When it comes to getting help with college tuition, whether you are a traditional family, a divorced parent on one income or a lone student struggling on their own, there are many ways to make paying for college tuition more manageable. These five tips will help you meet the growing expenses of higher education without facing a future of paying back student loans. No matter what your situation is, there are tips here for everyone....(more)


Before You go Into a Tax Settlement

In 2006, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) changed the laws in regards to income tax settlements. There is also new paperwork that is required for a person to be considered for an Offer-I-Compromise (OIC). The OIC program is the only way for a person to settle an income tax tax debt for less than is actually owed. This program has been abused by unscrupulous tax professionals and misunderstood by consumers. Let's look at what this means for people today and how you can take care of your taxes...(more)

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